Wuhan Cornovirus Causing Epidemic World Wide

Wuhan, China, is currently facing an epidemic as a new virus. The coronavirus is spreading fast and killing people daily. One doctor who was working at a hospital in the city was treating patients with the virus. Unfortunately, he died Saturday morning at the age of 62. Liang Wudong was yet another victim of the Wuhan coronavirus.

According to reports, Wudong was previously working at top hospitals in the city in the city as the head of the ear, nose, and throat department. However, last year he chose to retire from the position. The main hospital he was working at was the Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Chinese & Western Medicine.

Wuhan Cornovirus Making Its Rounds

Last week, the doctor fell ill. He was soon transferred to the Wuhan Medical Treatment center to see what was causing him to feel sick. The People’s Daily, a communist flagship newspaper, was portraying the doctor as a hero on their twitter account. They were speaking about how brave he was to help those fighting the illness.

The Communist Party’s flagship newspaper, the People’s Daily, portrayed him as a hero for having been “at the front line fighting against” the coronavirus in a post on Twitter. The new virus causes pneumonia and has been the demise of 41 people and infecting more than 1,300.

The majority of the cases are coming out of the central China city of Wuhan. However, there 19 cases coming out of Australia, France, and the US. Since Friday, there are three people in quarantine in New York State.

The National Health Commission for China says that six groups of 1,230 medical staff are currently in Wuhan, helping to fight the outbreak. Currently, another six groups are on call. The government is doing its best to build a new hospital that can handle the crisis. They’re in hopes that it will be operational in less than to weeks.