Hooters Burger Becomes Dangerous

In South Tampa, Florida, married couple Ibrahim Inrahimi and Nazakat Eminova sat down for a burger at a nearby Hooters on West Gandy Boulevard. They had recently moved to the area after Inrahimi had accepted a position at the Macdill Air Force base. The couple wanted to get acquainted with local restaurants and popular spots.

Within a Few Bites…

Shortly after taking a few bites, Eminova noticed something unusual about her meal. She reached into her mouth and found a needle-shaped piece of metal from the burger. Ibrahim says she had not even eaten half of her meal yet before making this concerning discovery.

Although Hooters is most known for their large wing selection, they offer a wide variety of options on their menu from seafood to salads. The couple assumed that the needle might have broken off one of the brushes typically used for grilling. Quickly, they then called to express their concerns to the restaurant manager. Eminova was confident that she had eaten a piece of metal in the food already. This added another level of concern to their outing. Had anyone else received a meal with pieces of metal? Shocked by the occurrence, Inrahimi took out his smartphone to record the entire event.

Although the manager’s face is not in the video, their voice speaks with remorse. They expressed concern and a sincere apology for the condition of Eminova’s meal. The manager reassures the couple that safety is of top priority to the company and calls an ambulance on the restaurant’s behalf to take the couple to the hospital.

At Tampa General Hospital, x-rays showed that a piece of metal embedded in her throat and another in her stomach. The staff gave a shot to Eminova immediately as a precautionary measure. They informed the couple that a small amount of rust on the metal pieces could have led to a severe and deadly infection.

The Aftermath

An incident report was filed with the Tampa Police Department by the couple, and an investigation is currently in progress.